Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Haven't updated in awhile now. Mostly because i'm on winter break back in North Dakota and am relaxing. I have been working with flash since then, but nothing will start to roll out until I get back to the cities.

I did stumble upon something kind of interesting on Wikipedia earlier today. I searched November 21 and under notable births I found...

...a spanish football player named Jesus Navas. Just thought I'd share that.

But, it's time to go to bed (2am) and there is plenty of post-holiday shopping ahead.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Done with Finals, finally!

Haven't posted anything in a week or so. Decided to put up some work from past quarters at Ai. Finals ate up most of my time this week. In the end, my creature design turned out great and so did my 3d-modelled human head.

I could have worked harder on my last maquette, but I wanted to focus more on my creature. I didn't see much point in wasting clay on a pointless maquette. One that I would present to the class for 5 minutes and then never have a use for.

I'm glad I spent the extra time on my designs. Its definitely going in the portfolio, in its current form or some other. I've started working on a seperate maquette, that I can sculpt and not rush.

Over break I'm gonna be working on a beefing up my demo reel with flash animations. I'm also entering into a flash bumper contest with a buddy of mine. It needs to be 5-30 seconds long and the deadline is Jan. 21. Sounds easy, but the animation and design will have to be impeccable. Grand prize is $2,000 for the open category and $500 for students. Will have to see how well it turns out and decide which we'll enter. Heck, if I could do this year round...and earn money doing it, that'd be great.

I'm also working on a new portfolio design. Something in the lines of the new logo above. But, the art dump begins...

3rd Quarter, Class: Advanced Drawing for Animation, the assignment was to create 5 self portraits (10 drawings total) each in a different art style.

3rd Quarter, Class: Digital Imaging, assignment was to texture a wooden crate with a logo. (Cardboard boxes shipped in wooden crates?! HA!!! the irony!!!)

1st Quarter, Class: Drawing and Perspective, assignment was to draw a portrait of someone of our choice. Feeling lucky punk?

2nd Quarter, Class: Color and Design, part of our final project. self portrait.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Creature Design

This is part of my final project for Character and Object Design. We have to create a creature. Which includes 5 colored drawings illustrating the lifestages of the creature, 1 drawing of skeletal structure, 1 drawing of muscle composition, and 1 final colored illustration.

The creature is a fast moving desert carnivore. Using its speed, it will tackle its prey. This is it in its adult stage of life.
The design was influenced by gorillas, rhinos, and bison.

I haven't settled on which color scheme I want to go... it'll probably be one of these two.

The top illustration is the beginning of my final illustration and the bottom is one of the 5 lifestage drawings. I'll make sure to put up the rest of the designs when they are finished.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Mario 2

Mario and Luigi...real life working men.

Saved the file luckily... here's the progress so far. I added some grime to the characters. Plumbing isn't necessarily a pretty job... so I intend to dirty them up even more. Expect facial hair stubble, sweaty arm pits , and unknown stains. I also put in a temp background for now.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Ok... gotta go to bed, now.

I've busy coloring all kinds of drawings tonight. So here I am coloring my Mario picture, after spending 2-3 hours on it... I decide to piece together stages of progress. After its complete I then save over my file, eliminating all the layers I was working with... which made it incredibly clean and easy to color before. Not a good thing. :( I need to go to bed.